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SketchUp Pro is an easy to use 3D modeling tool that lets you create stunning visual architecture. This tool is already popular due to its integration with Google Maps. In addition, it also allows users to include graphics and text to layouts, Export to CAD, and other similar advanced options.
SketchUp Pro is free from those annoying technical jargons that are often difficult to understand for beginners. Similarly, if you are new to 3D designing, there are many helpful guides and hints throughout the tool that will help you draw those complicated circular or rectangular shapes. Likewise, the tool is great for predicting many critical calculations, such as where two endpoints should meet and then snapping them together for you, thereby saving your time.
Despite all its simplicity, SketchUp never lacks in providing you all the essential drawing functionalities. In addition, you will love its neat toolbar that is filled with the usual drawing options. Furthermore, you can access other options via its menu. You can send your 3D designed images to your contacts via email or by simply uploading them at Google’s 3D Web Warehouse; all this is free of cost. Accordingly, you can “geo-tag” any created images by using Google Maps.
Besides all its amazing offerings, the tool does have few minor issues, like the annoyance in creating a domed surface, as reported by some users. Still, despite these minor hiccups, the tool provides a very simple mechanism to users for creating some stunning 3D graphics.


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